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Lions News · A Look at the College Athletics Process

A Start to College Athletics

Something that all athletes should be aware of are the requirements to continue their athletic careers at the collegiate level. So many athletes wait until the opportunity arises, and then try to figure out the details. It is so important if you are thinking about competing at the collegiate level, that you know the requirements you will need to meet as a high school student.

NCAA – This is one of the biggest organizations out there. There are requirements for Division I athletes, different requirements for Division II athletes, and another set for Division III. Core classes are key here, and the career tech center and many electives do not count towards your core classes.
Examples of each school Division I (Michigan, Michigan State etc…)
Division II (Grand Valley, Davenport, Ferris State)
Division III (Hope, Alma, Calvin)

The NCAA Clearinghouse website is the best tool for any future college athletes, and I can not stress enough how important it is to take a look at the requirements if you are even thinking the NCAA may be a place for you. You should start looking at this your Junior year.   NCAA CLEARINGHOUSE WEBSITE 

NAIA – The NAIA is another group of colleges, and there are a couple in West Michigan. The requirements vary a little compared to the NCAA and are said to be a little less demanding. A couple examples of NAIA schools are Aquinas and Cornerstone. You will want to start looking at this your senior year, or once you have decided an NAIA is the right choice for you.

There is a clearinghouse for the NAIA as well, and all of that information can be found on their website.  NAIA CLEARINGHOUSE WEBSITE

NJCAA (Community College)- This is a great opportunity for so many athletes! The requirements are much less strict than the NCAA, and your athletic eligibility is based on your academic eligibility at the specific college. Common Community Colleges in our area are Muskegon Community College and Grand Rapids Community College.

Here is a link to some information for the NJCAA.   NJCAA ELIGIBILITY CENTER

If you have any questions pertaining to college athletics, eligibility, or need help getting started please contact Mr. Van Essen or Mr. Reyburn at the High School.